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Duplicates and Cloning

Professional Denture Duplicates and Cloning

Backup Set Of Dentures

Count on the staff at West Penn Dental Center to repair your dentures in less than 24 hours!  Please see our section on walk-in repairs and mail-in repairs.

We are happy to take care of all of your dental needs, not just dentures.  Call our  facility today to schedule an appointment. For new patients, we offer special pricing on our cleaning, dental exam, and X-ray services.

Overnight Delivery Services

You can also use an overnight delivery service to expedite the process. Our repair prices are not only competitive but also the lowest guaranteed, starting at just $39.

When you are having any denture or partial denture repaired on, there are a few things you need to know. This consists of dentist repair charges, office visit charges, and prescription fees. There is also the possibility of being sold an unnecessary new denture.

Don't Pay Outrageous Prices

Some dentists charge outrageous fees and then send us the dentures to repair anyway, costing you a lot more money. When your denture is received by us, we examine, repair, and ship it back to you the same day.

If a clone or duplicate denture is requested, the duplicate denture is shipped back to you upon completion, often taking 14 business days or less.
Denture Duplicates

Denture Repair Prices

  • One tooth repair (you supply the tooth): $39 - Add $20 for each additional tooth
  • One tooth repair (we supply the tooth): $69 - Add $20 for each additional tooth
  • Denture break or fracture repair: $69 - Add $20 for each additional break, fracture, glue removal, or built-up holes
  • Place name in denture: $25 (each denture)
  • Premium-quality duplicate denture (upper or lower): $169
  • One-shade lighter teeth: $25
  • Hollywood white or bright white teeth: Add $25
Your duplicate will be an exact duplicate of your existing denture. We use new, high-impact, break-resistant denture-based material (pink gum material). The new dentures will fit just like your old ones do because they will be the exact same size and have the same measurements.

Denture cloning is only recommended for dentures that fit well and are comfortable. Any necessary repairs that need to be done to your old dentures will be done before we duplicate them.

Clones are an excellent alternative for people who are elderly, homebound, or who have difficulty getting to a dentist’s office.

If you have a damaged denture, don’t freak out. We also do repairs and can have them back to you in a timely manner so that you don’t have to be without them for long! Download our denture repair form.
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Your dentures are in great hands with our professional staff.
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